When we are not busy raiding fridges and Netflix and chilling, we spend our precious time thinking and writing wonders. Here you can see some of our latest productions. ​


We are particularly proud of our short documentary 'Who am I what am I doing'.

This work addresses the alienation that is directly liked to materiality, the banality of existence in a capitalism society which is,  our personal experience and arguably a universal reality.


Who am I what am I doing has been nominated for Best Short Documentary at the London Shorts Festival 2021  and is part of the official selection of the Lift-Off Online Session and Lift-Off First-time Filmaker Festival


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

SHE'S FINE (1).png

Written and directed 


Federica Francesca Morgillo

She's Fine​

She’s Fine takes place in a small town in South Italy; a town in which Carmela is stuck between the boredom of her routine and the narrow-mindedness of the people around her. With no real aspiration other than being happy, she lives her life idolising Maria, her best friend who moved to London.


On the other hand, we have Maria's family, bearers of all the stereotypes of the typical South Italian low-life, the personifications of the radical laziness and mind-set that favours hustling to hard work – or work in general.

As the play opens, we live a day in Carmela’s life: cleaning, restocking fruit, engaging in unsatisfactory small talk with customers. In She’s Fine, the lack of real action echoes the stillness in the life of the characters.

Throughout the play, there is a glimpse of the socio-economic situation in Italy and the dual spirit of the small town: hypocrisy, gossip and stereotypes but also humbleness, forgiveness and kindness.

When we finally meet Maria, whose life is not as idyllic as Carmela thinks, we find her to be a prisoner of her own private pain and watch her falling into a vortex of shuttered expectations.

Pablo in July.jpg

Written and directed


Belen Fernandez Gonzalez

Pablo in July

Paul has lost his month. Specifically, the month of July and this means he forgets everything that has ever happened in those 31 days, including his birthday and therefore his entire existence.

To be able to hold on to his identity, Paul must find someone with a similar month and steal it. He meets Roberta who seems like the perfect victim. Little did he know, he soon falls in love with her and allegedly, kills her as he takes away her last day.


Because of this unbearable memory he gives his whole July away. This event brings him back at the beginning of the play almost in a vortex from which he can’t get out of.

​‘If I was Paul in July, who am I gonna be in August?’


​Pablo in July is an absurd and dystopian piece of short theatre. Set in contemporary London, it follows the journey of a character that has lost his identity and tries to find himself. Pablo in July portrays a world where people trick and steal each other’s precious time. A world where to get more time or to forget, people must sacrifice their own identity.